Thursday, 22 February 2018

W Cafe at Woolies and senior citizens

Not long after W cafe opened in the Woolworths stores, we visited a few (Unannounced as always) and wrote a very positive review.
We also did some research and discovered it was in fact a private individual in Pretoria who had a coffee shop who started W Cafe. We wrote to him, mentioned that we reviewed them and asked for some background info, the history and comments about the coffee beans, etc.
They never bothered to reply.but we shrugged off this rudeness and carried on.
Since then of course W cafes have proliferated and in general the service is good, the coffee excellent and the prices reasonable.
After an absence off about 6 months, we felt like a good scone and decided to have coffee at the nearest W Cafe.
Well, firstly, a portion of scones is still well priced ar R14.00 (each if you order two) and the coffee is still a competitive R20.00 foe a double Espresso  but that is where it ends. The scone comes with butter only - no jam or cheese. A portion of cheese is a mind blowing R 9.00 and the minutest little portion of jam you have ever seen is R6.00 a portion.
Water was not readily available, there was one newspaper for 25 tables, English only, and we left feeling quite deflated. They do have a loyalty card which means every 11th cup is free but this is a blog for senior citizens and most of us can not really sit down and have a scone with jam and cheese with coffee and pay R98.00 plus a tip.
W Cafe has joined the greed wagon and the insult is that they think we are mislead by the charges for "Extras". What is "extra" about jam with a scone, I ask you?

Monday, 5 February 2018

How many cups of coffee is consumed per day worldwide?

There are 2,25 billion cups of coffee drunk around the world every day and if you are one of those coffee drinkers, you can relax ; It is good for you.
Two separate studies published in the Anal of Internal Medicine both stated that drinking three cups of coffee per day can be beneficial to your health. 
Both reports, one European and one American concludes that drinking coffee lowers the risk of death.
It has been known for long that drinking coffee improves circulation and is beneficial to health of the digestive tract. Furthermore they found that it did not matter from which country the coffee came.
In both cases the reports come from impeccable sources: The European study, conducted by the UK's International Agency for Research into Cancer (IARC) and the Imperial College of London stretched over 16 years and included monitoring the health of more than half a million people in ten European countries.
The American study observed and examined the health of  200 000 people of different ethnicity.
Taking lifestyle habits such as diet and smoking into consideration the groups that drink one cup of coffee per day had 12% lower risk than those that did not drink coffee. If you drank two or three cups a day you could reduce the risk of death by a whopping 18%!
This is what they had to say:
Marc Gunter, principal researcher at the IARC said that higher coffee consumption is associated with a lower risk of death from any cause, and specifically from circulatory- and digestive illnesses. The scientists pointed out that this does not mean that people who drink coffee live longer but that up to three cups a day is not bad for your health
Veronica Setiawan. professor of preventative medicine at the Keck School of Medicine at the University of Southern California and director of the American study stated that it does not matter if it is coffee with or without caffeine. If you like it, drink it she says and if not, maybe you should start drinking it.
Surprisingly, the country with the lowest consumption in the European study is Italy whilst the highest coffee consumers are the Danish

Wednesday, 31 January 2018

PERK ME UP: What will be the year’s most bizarre coffee trends?

Coffee guaranteed not to give you the hump in 2018

 Thursday, 18 January 2018 14:35  0
PERK ME UP: What will be the year’s most bizarre coffee trends?

HEARD about the latest coffee trends for 2018?  Lattes  souped-up with everything from Chia seeds to coconut oil, and ‘bulletproof’ coffee that replaces milk with butter and coconut oil, then blitzes the whole thing into a froth. This allegedly suppresses your hunger and makes you energetic.  Phew!
But have you tried a camelccino? If not, dairy doubters, you’re in luck because Asda’s reportedly stocking camel’s milk in selected stores. Though hard to come by in the West, camelccinos, topped with a swirl of date syrup instead of the usual chocolate sprinkling, are a fixture of cafe culture in the UAE, along with camelattes, camel milkshakes...
And not to be confused with iced coffee (in which espresso-based coffees are served over ice, usually with milk and syrup), we’ll also have cold brew coffee which is simply... coffee brewed cold. Which sounds as sensible as a pint of hot real ale. I’ll give it less than a year before it goes the way of so many other hipster fads (eg. This coffee tastes like mud!  Well, sir, it was only ground this morning.).
Your typical hipster? Someone who drinks his coffee with mountain dew from Tibet, the beans having been crushed between the thighs of a virgin on a certain slope in Guatemala, found by chance trekking through the country, to reawaken his chakras and reconnect with nature. And using a machine-like device purchased from an old lady in rural India that enables the perfect temperature to be reached in optimum time for the best coffee ever. 
Speaking of coffee machines, I judge these not on the quality of coffee, but on the noise they make. And when I encountered one in a hotel recently I was frankly disappointed. It’s not proper coffee unless it sounds like Jason Bourne throttling an asset with a tea towel... 
Finally, best avoid the coffee enemas promoted on Gwyneth Paltrow’s website Goop - not just unnecessary but potentially dangerous. Keep the coffee out of your, err, rear and in your cup. It’s only meant to access your colon from the top! 
Nora Johnson’s psychological crime thrillers - The Girl in the Red Dress, No Way Back, Landscape of Lies, Retribution, Soul Stealer, The De Clerambault Code(www.nora-johnson. net) available from Amazon in paperback/eBook (€0.99; £0.99) and iBookstore.  All profits to Costa del Sol Cudeca cancer charity.  
This column first appeared in the Euro Weekly News  18-24 January .Costa del Sol

Sunday, 1 October 2017

Mother City Coffee Route 2018 released

In this,the fourth edition, The Coffee Route 2018, Nicky Elliott and Yvette Wilsenach have updated their offerings to reflect the exciting and changing coffee scene in Cape Town. 
There is a real coffee culture in and around Cape Town.  Coffee shops are where Capetonians meet up with friends, catch up on emails, read, write, contemplate the view, contemplate the carrot cake, contemplate life…
In 2015 they published their first "The Coffee Route" as a guide to the coffee shops that they thought were special and that they wanted to put on the map. They've now decided that an  annual update is called for as the coffee scene grows, improves and changes. In this 2018 guide there are updates of some favourites, and some fabulous new additions.
The shops are still grouped geographically, with a helpful map for each area. Information on what kind of coffee is served,  whether there are plug points and WI-FI, how easy parking is, and what to do in the area, is all still included.
The publication is available at several stockists (Exclusive Books, Wordsworth Books, Bargain Books, Biblophelia Bookshop, Clarke's Bookshop, to name a few) across the Cape Peninsula, including the featured coffee shops.
Gauteng: Available from

Monday, 31 October 2016

Coffee on the wall

We received the  following contribution from Ronnie Forrester and sent it to our Italian seniorcit. mafia Fabrizio for his comment.
First Ronnie:
"I sat with my friend in a well-known coffee
shop in a neighboring town of Venice (Italy),
the city of lights and water.
As we enjoyed our coffee, a man entered
and sat at an empty table beside us.
He called the waiter and placed his order saying,
‘Two cups of coffee, one of them there on the wall.’
We heard this order with rather interest and
observed that he was served with one cup of
coffee but he paid for two.
As soon as he left, the waiter pasted a piece
of paper on the wall saying ‘A Cup of Coffee’.
While we were still there, two other men
entered and ordered three cups of coffee,
two on the table and one on the wall.
They had the two cups of coffee but paid for
three and left.
This time also, the waiter did the same; he
pasted a piece of paper on the wall saying, ‘A
Cup of Coffee’.
It was something unique and perplexing for us.
We finished our coffee, paid the bill and left.
After a few days, we had a chance to go to
this coffee shop again.
While we were enjoying our coffee, a man
poorly dressed entered.
As he seated himself, he looked at the wall
and said, 'One cup of coffee from the wall'.
The waiter served coffee to this man with the
customary respect and dignity.
The man had his coffee and left without paying.
We were amazed to watch all this, as the
waiter took off a piece of paper from the wall
and threw it in the dust bin.
Now it was no surprise for us – the matter
was very clear.
The great respect for the needy shown by the
inhabitants of this town made our eyes well
up in tears.
Ponder upon the need of what this man wanted...
He enters the coffee shop without having to
lower his self-esteem… he has no need to
ask for a free cup of coffee…
without asking or knowing about the one who
is giving this cup of coffee to him.
He only looked at the wall, placed an order
for himself, enjoyed his coffee and left.

... probably the best wall you may ever see anywhere....!!!

And this is what Fabrizio commented:

Buondi ! 

Actually it is a custom not in the area of Venice, where my Mother comes from but very much Naples maybe over the past 100 years.  
The habit still exsists in Naples. If you want or can afford to "  buy" an extra coffee for someone who cannot afford it. 
It is called a " pre paid " coffee.  You enter a Bar in Naples and ask if there are any prepaid coffees !  They check and if there are you are welcomed to consume. 
Coffee is culture in Naples and a ritual that it must be quality. They say coffee is better because of water etc....
Now many parts of Italy have taken on the custom of offering you a glass of water before you consume your coffee. WHY?
To better taste coffee you need to " rinse " your mouth before !!! so ready to appreciate a coffee.

You must know coffee is " fat" and the higher the quality of the coffee the more very small
 " bubbles" stick to your pallet that proves the quality. This allows you to taste better and longer a coffee !

 The best quality coffee in Italy is " Illy"  which costs at least double versus others. 

So there is coffee and coffee Lavazza so so .

 Like pasta the worse is Barilla one better quality price is De Cecco  and many more expensive brands and difference not marginal. You judge quality of pasta if it keeps it " cottura" and you can serve also after 15 minutes that it does not became glue....or sticks together. 

Italians breakfast starts off with a coffee in a bar and a cornetto ! and after every meal there must be a coffee ! 

Buona giornata     Fabrizio   

New Coffee Shop guide launched

Check out the new and updated version of " The Coffee Route 2017" , The popular guide to Cape Town's hottest coffee spots have been launched and is available at Exclusive Books and participating coffee shops.

Listen to the radio interview with Yvette Wilsenach and  Nicky Elliot on #Heartbreakfast at: